Yann Jounot

The prefect Yann Jounot is assigned to the Ministry of the Interior where he carries out most of his career after leaving the National School of Administration (promotion Fernand Braudel 1987).

In his career as a prefect, he has been dedicated to the question of national security, a new area of strategic action set out in two successive government white papers on defence and national security in 2008 and 2013. Having exercises different functions as prefect, including as Chief Delegate for Security and Defence of the Eastern Defence Zone (2006-2008), he set up the national security planning division in the Ministry of the Interior.  He was then nominated to the Prime Minister’s department as director for the protection and security of the state (2008-2013). He was prefect of the Hauts de Seine department from 2013 to 2015 before being appointed national coordinator of intelligence in the office of the President of the Republic. He is now the chairman and chief executive of Civipol and president of the Milipol trade shows.

President word

As the technical cooperation operator of the French Ministry of the Interior, Civipol is dedicated to building a safer world. Civipol, in cooperation with partner states, builds responses to shared security challenges. Civipol acts in the context of projects established through multilateral financing, in particular European.

We are present in more than eighty countries on every continent with a strong presence in Africa in order to accomplish these ambitions.

Civipol builds genuine international cooperation that promotes understanding of the main threats. In order to achieve this, Civipol and its partner states reinforce their ability to protect their vital interests their people. In a world marked by interdependence, this approach generates a return in terms of internal security, for both the national territory and for Europe as a whole.

Civipol’s expertise is well adapted to the essentials of internal state security: identity – to consolidate secure civil register systems; control of migration – to combat all forms of trafficking and organised criminality; territorial reach – to implement protection security policies and state security policies throughout the territory of the state.

The actions of Civipol fall within the scope of French and European security strategies.

Civipol also promotes the security industry through our international network of Milipol trade fairs in Doha, Singapore and Paris (the world’s biggest internal state security fair), and the protection of all players in the sector.

Building a safer world together – that’s our guiding principle.