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  • International restricted procedure with a view to drawing up a framework contract Framework contract for interpretation services in Georgia

    28 août 2023


    Framework contract for interpretation services in Georgia

    Thank you for your recent application in response to the above-mentioned call for tenders. In accordance with article 2.8 of the CIVIPOL guide to procurement procedures and rules for awarding contracts, I hereby inform you of the decision to cancel the tender procedure.

    In the hope that you will continue to participate in the tenders regularly issued under the various CIVIPOL programs, please accept the expression of my distinguished consideration.

    Thank you for your interest in this call for tenders.



    1. Purpose of the Contract

    The contract is a framework agreement divided into 6 lots, with a duration of 24 months. A ranking list of contractors will be drawn up on the basis of the award criteria. This list will determine the initial order in which contractors will be contacted, based on their production capacity and any areas of specialisation, to propose specific work. The ranking is reviewed periodically to reflect the real quality of the services provided.

    2. Contract description

    Interpretation services in Georgia

    This lot is intended for interpreting from certain official languages of the European Union into the target language concerned, i.e. Georgian and from Georgian into certain official languages of the European Union. This is a specialised contract, requiring a thorough knowledge of the source language, a perfect command of the target language, taking into account any relevant professional experience, and appropriate computer skills.

    Lot 1: French – Georgian

    Lot 2: English – Georgian

    Lot 3: Spanish – Georgian

    Lot 4: Italian – Georgian

    Lot 5: Russian – Georgian

    Lot 6: provision of interpreting equipment

    Location: Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi

    Unit prices per day.

    3. Maximum budget

    This contract is funded by the European Union via the ICMPD

    Value excluding VAT: EUR 100,000.00 (not broken down by lot)


    4. Eligibility

    (1) Participation in this procurement procedure is open on equal terms to all natural and legal persons established in a country eligible for ICMPD funding.

    (2) Participation in calls for tender is also open to international organisations (by nature, regardless of where they are based). International organisations do not have a nationality in this respect. These are entities formed by at least two States and recognised as such by a third State. Their founding charter defines them as not subject to the national laws of the country in which they are headquartered;

    Candidates must indicate the country in which they are established and provide the proof required under the law of that country.

    The participation of an ineligible entity will result in the automatic elimination of the tender concerned.

    5. Number of tenders

    A legal entity may not submit more than one bid, regardless of the form of its participation (as an individual legal entity or as leader or member of a consortium submitting a bid). If a legal entity submits more than one tender, all the tenders in which this entity participates will be eliminated.

    Tenderers may submit a tender for a single lot, several lots or all lots, but only one tender per lot. Contracts will be awarded lot by lot and each lot will constitute a separate contract. There can be no limitation on the number of lots that a tenderer may be awarded.

    6. Exclusion situations

    In the tender form, tenderers must submit a signed declaration, included in the standard tender form, to the effect that they are not in any of the situations referred to in point 2.2.2 of the Guide to Procurement Procedures and Contract Award Rules.

    If the applicant is a legal entity (or a legal entity forming part of a group), the exclusion criteria apply to the applicant and to all service providers proposed by the applicant.

    The following evidence must also be provided:

    If the applicant is a legal entity (or a legal entity forming part of a consortium):

    - specify the place of establishment and provide proof thereof,

    - specify the legal status and provide proof of this, e.g. entry in the commercial register, entry in the VAT register, copies of the company's incorporation or establishment documents, in accordance with the provisions of the State in which the applicant is established,

    - the identity of persons with powers of representation, decision-making or control.

    If the candidate is an individual (or a member of a group):

    — declaration of their self-employed status in connection with the provision of the services concerned,

    — declaration of VAT liability.

    The number of copies of the application must correspond to the number of lots to which it relates, and the information required to assess the candidate's capabilities must be provided for each lot.

    Any candidate or tenderer attempting to obtain confidential information, enter into unlawful agreements, collude or make arrangements with other candidates or tenderers, solicit the support of Civipol staff or influence the evaluation committee or its members in any way during the procurement process will be excluded from the procurement process.

    7. Subcontracting opportunities

    Subcontracting is subject to prior agreement when the service is requested (purchase order) and the maximum percentage of the contract value that may be subcontracted is 25%.


    8. Deadline for receipt of applications and provisional schedule

    The deadline for receipt of applications is 04/10/2023.

    The deadline for receipt of tenders will be communicated at a later date in the letter of invitation to tender sent to the selected candidates (maximum of 5 per lot).

    The contract is due to be awarded around December 2023 and the framework contracts are due to be signed in early December 2023. Implementation of the framework contracts is scheduled to begin in January 2024.

    9. Duration of contract implementation

    The framework contract will run for 30 months. Excluding any extension, the duration of which may not exceed the initial duration of this framework agreement.


    10. Selection criteria

    The following selection criteria will be applied to tenderers. Where tenders are submitted by a consortium, these selection criteria will apply to the consortium as a whole:

    1) Tenderer's economic and financial capacity

    Whatever the lot for which the tenderer wishes to apply, the tenderer must have sufficient economic and financial capacity to enable it to perform the contract in accordance with the contractual provisions. Please note that if the tenderer is a public body, equivalent information should be provided.

    For the contract covered by this call for tenders, Civipol requires tenderers to have a minimum financial and economic capacity, which will be assessed on the basis of the following elements:

    - average annual sales of at least €30,000 over the last three financial years.

    This capacity will be assessed on the basis of:

    - a copy of the balance sheets or extracts from the balance sheets and profit and loss accounts for the last 3 financial years, as well as any copies of the reports of the Board of Directors and external auditors, if available, relating to these financial years. If, for a justified reason supported by documentary evidence, the applicant is unable to provide this information, it must enclose a declaration on its honour specifying the annual result after tax for the last 3 financial years.

    2) Tenderer's professional capacity

    Regardless of the lot for which the tenderer wishes to apply, the technical and professional capacity of tenderers is assessed and verified in public procurement procedures for the provision of services, taking into account, in particular, their know-how, efficiency, experience and reliability. Civipol checks whether the entities to whose capacities the economic operator intends to have recourse and the subcontractors envisaged, where subcontracting represents a significant proportion of the contract, meet the applicable selection criteria.

    For the contract subject to this call for tenders, Civipol requires tenderers to demonstrate a minimum level of capacity consisting of:

    - have sufficient human and technical resources to carry out interpreting assignments;

    The technical and professional capacity of economic operators will be justified on the basis of:

    - a description of the technical resources available to the tendering company to carry out deliveries of the supplies covered by the contract, in particular the CVs of interpreters in the required language combinations, their availability (lots 1 to 5) or the means of providing the necessary translation equipment (lot 6);

    - a statement of the average annual number of staff employed over the last three years;

    - the number of years' experience of management staff;

    - a list of the main interpreting assignments carried out over the last three years, indicating the duration, dates and places of delivery.

    It should be noted that any false declaration discovered after the award of the contract would lead to the cancellation of the said contract.

    Civipol may conclude that economic operators will not ensure an appropriate level of quality in the performance of the contract if it establishes that these operators are in a situation of conflict of interest which could have a negative impact on the performance of the contract.

    3) Tenderer's technical capacity

    The tenderer has obtained good results, over the last three years, for at least one project with a budget at least equivalent to that of the present contract or at least 10 successful interpreting assignments per year in fields related to the present contract. Only institutional references financed by international donors, public bodies or international organisations will be taken into account.

    11. Award criteria

    On the basis of the evaluation of their capacity, the selected candidates will be invited to submit a tender.

    The contract will be awarded to the tenderer who submits the most economically advantageous offer, which will be determined on the basis of the technical quality of the offer and the price proposed, in accordance with the calculation method indicated in the Guide to Framework Contracts.

    The most economically advantageous tender is determined by weighting the technical and financial proposals on the basis of the following method:

    - P points (price) = score obtained on the basis of the evaluation of the financial offer

    - Q points (quality) = score obtained on the basis of the assessment of technical quality

    - Final score = P + Q

    The tender with the highest score will be deemed to be the most economically advantageous.

    Civipol reserves the right to refuse abnormally expensive or low bids.

    12. Framework contract implementation procedure

    Framework contracts are not orders. They establish the essential terms governing the specific contracts (purchase orders) to be entered into by Civipol with the successful tenderers. By entering into a framework contract, the Court does not undertake to establish an exclusive relationship with the contractor, or to entrust it with a specific number of services or orders. The signing of the framework contract does not imply any purchase obligation for Civipol. Only its application by means of specific contracts (order forms) commits Civipol.

    Depending on its needs, Civipol enters into specific contracts with the successful tenderers. The order forms issued by the relevant Civipol department, in accordance with the procedures specified in the framework contract, constitute these specific contracts.

    The contractors' ranking list for each lot, which will be drawn up on the basis of the award criteria, determines the initial order in which the contractors, in the light of their production capacity and any areas of specialisation, will be contacted to be offered specific work. The ranking will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it reflects the actual quality of the services provided



    13. Deadline for receiving tenders

    The deadline for receipt of tenders will be indicated in the instructions to tenderers and specifications sent to short-listed entities.

    14. Procedures for submitting tenders and information to be provided

    Tenders must be drawn up using only the standard tender form, the format and provisions of which must be strictly adhered to. Any additional document (brochure, letter, etc.) attached to the tender will not be taken into consideration.

    15. Procedure for sending tenders

    Tenders must be sent exclusively to Civipol, using the means indicated in the Instructions to Tenderers. Tenders submitted in any other way will be disregarded.

    16. Language of the procedure

    All written communications for this tender procedure and contract must be in English. If the supporting documents are not in English, a free translation into the language of the procedure must be provided.

    17. Protection of personal data

    The follow-up of any response to the procurement procedure will entail the recording and processing of personal data contained in the tenderer's offer (examples: name, address, telephone or fax number, e-mail address, legal status of the tenderer, etc.).

    All such data will be processed by Civipol in accordance with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 and Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 (see https://www.civipol.fr/fr/node/651).

    18. Name and address of the contracting authority

    Official name: Civipol

    Address: 9 Rue Notre Dame des Victoires

    Postcode: 75002 Paris

    Country: France

    Contact point(s): · For questions only: contact@prometheus-georgia.eu · To submit the candidate form: application@prometheus-georgia.eu

    Web address(es): https://www.civipol.fr

    19. Legal basis of the procedure

    This procurement procedure is governed by the following provisions:

    - The Civipol Guide to Framework Contracts, and;

    - CIVIPOL's Guide to Procurement Procedures and Contract Award Rules

    Durée du projet

    36 mois

    Date de fin de soumission

    04 octobre 2023

    Zone d'intervention

    Europe et Asie centrale

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