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Non-Key Senior Expert - European funded Project « Law enforcement in Central Asia »


Strategic analyses training to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing

This activity is foreseen within the WP Package 2, project activity TJ2.2 and UZ2.3


    1. Task description for Non-Key experts – category. Strategic analyses training to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing.

Expertise: Non-Key

Profile required: Senior

Estimated number of working days: 5 in TJ and 5 in UZ

Number of experts: 2 for each training


Selected from the methodology list:                 YES                                  NO

New experts not included in the methodology:   NO                               NO

(if yes, please see the selection criterion below)


The Non-Key Expert will travel to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan during 3d and 4th week of September to conduct strategic analyses training to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing. Activities are defined in cooperation with EAG (Euro-Asian Group). EAG Mutual Evaluation reports provided the most accurate and updated list of recommendations to address by each participating State to comply with FATF provisions in the area of AML and CTF. Based on these recommendations,  LEICA organizes a five-day training for 15 LEA staff in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, by two EU MS experts.  The training will include a review of the legislative and regulatory measures and professional practices for building the capacity of FIUs and law enforcement agencies on strategic analysis to identifying the risks and threats of terrorism and terrorist financing, development of the mechanism for the implementation of international targeted financial sanctions in relation to terrorism and terrorist financing, protecting of NGOs from terrorist financing, the use of a risk-based approach and intelligence-led policing by law enforcement agencies to clarify and investigate terrorist financing cases.

The assignment will be fulfilled over a period of Five (5) working days (WD) in each country. 5x2x2=20 WD. Two days travel inbound. Two days travel outbound.

Reporting: The Non-Key Expert reports to the Project Director and representatives of the consortium.

Responsibilities: Under the supervision of the Project Director (PD), the NKE will be responsible for undertaking the following tasks, and the working days allocated as follows:

  • Providing curriculum of the training
  • Travelling to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan.
  • Conduct training in two countries


  1. The curriculum of the training to be provided on time.
  2. Hangouts to be distributed to the participants.


  1. Selected experts from Organization and Methodology
    1. Investigation of terrorism financing

             Assigned number of days to be included in the contract: 5+5 =10  

3. Expected Profile for short-term expertise if not listed in the Organisation and Methodology

    1. Investigation of terrorist financing

Above mentioned requirements apply in case if the new expert not listed in the Organisation and Methodology are supposed to be selected:

Qualifications and skills

  • Advanced university degree relevant to this assignment.
  • Excellent level in Russian (Russian preferably) and English both spoken and written language.
  • Computer literacy (Minimum MS Office) and excellent reporting skills.

General professional experience

  • Experience in financial investigations in terrorism cases, financing of terrorism and countering money laundering, strategic analyses.
  • Experience of inter-agency co-operation and communication between Law Enforcement Agencies, Judicial administration and intelligence services is an asset;
  • A minimum of five years of proven relevant experience.

Specific professional experience

  • Experience and understanding of illegal flows of money, banking systems, and terrorism financing.
  • Criminal investigation in general and terrorism investigations
  • Financial investigations experience is a must.  
  • Experience in providing relevant analysis.
  • Experience in having assessed other countries in their ability to investigate terrorism financing.
  • Excellent communication and networking skills, experience in training workshops

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