Project Coordinator

The Project Coordinator plays a key role in the successful implementation of the project, collaborating closely with the Technical Director and overseeing the work of the Legal and Procurement experts hired in the course of the project. S/he will be assisted by the Office Manager (who is a more junior profile). The Project Coordinator will be employed by CIVIPOL and report to CIVIPOL HQ based in Paris. A senior project manager will be designated internally, provide support and travel to Khartoum on a regular basis. 

Main duties:

-          Managing the roll-out of activities on a daily basis, the Technical Director being in charge of the long-term vision and subject matter expertise

-          Planning the delivery of activities, adjusting the plan if needed

-          Overseeing the roll-out of project activities, in compliance with applicable EU regulations

-          Assisting the Technical Director in the coordination work with all partners involved in the ROCK: authorities and LEA in the HoA, EU MS, EC and relevant partner organizations and agencies (e.g: INTERPOL, EUROPOL, FRONTEX)

-          Representing the ROCK project at coordination meetings and conferences, in Sudan, in the HoA and EU MS when needed

-          Providing quality assurance regarding the deliverables of the technical assistance

-          Designing and updating dashboards on a regular basis for project partners

-          Coordinating the production of project reports to the EU and partners in a timely manner

-          Overseeing the financial management of the project, with the support of the Office Manager (junior profile): accounting, controlling, forecasting

-          Coordinating specifically all activities regarding the legal framework for the center, with the support of relevant experts

-          Overseeing procurement activities, with the support of relevant experts

On a daily basis, the project Coordinator reports to the Technical Director, who sets out the priorities and monitors the work. Aside from formal reports, S/he provides information on an ad hoc basis to the EU Trust Fund and project stakeholders..

The Project Coordinator will also have to collaborate with other partners, whether EU Member States (France, the UK, Italy, Spain) or relevant agencies, e.g. Europol, Frontex.  

The project Coordinator also has to work closely with

-          The Technical Director

-          The two Technical Advisors

-          The foreign experts that will contribute to the project

CIVI.POL Conseil, as represented by the senior project manager, in particular when it comes to accounting and contract matters. The project manager will also make sure that the applicable EU procedures are followed


Qualification and skills :

  • Master Degree in a discipline related to economics, development or security Experience working in international teams
  • Master Degree in Law or a professional discipline related to economics, development or security (or 8 additional years of equivalent professional experience)
  • Experience managing international teams
  • Diplomacy and experience managing relationships with high-level partners.
  • Command of English, spoken and in writing 
  • Ability to communicate in French and/or Arabic is an asset
  • Ability to adapt fit in complex environments

Professional experience :

-         At least 15 years of professional experience
-         Previous experience leading multi-disciplinary and international teams
-          At least 5 years of experience in the management of technical assistance programs funded by donor organizations is mandatory;
-          Experience managing at least one EU-funded development project is mandatory
-          Experience working in fragile States, complex environments is a strong asset
-          Specific command of EU procurement procedures is an asset
-          Work experience in the Horn of Africa is an asset

Please send your application (cover letter + CV) to :

Khartoum (Soudan)
Samedi, Septembre 30, 2017
Mission longue durée
3 ans

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